Thai massage

Why You Should Experience a Traditional Thai Massage


When you are completely exhausted and every part of your body feels stiff, the only thing you can think of is a nice, rejuvenating massage. However, if you feel no difference in your overall well-being after a conventional massage, it further irks you. Try a Thai massage the next time and you’ll experience a world of difference.

What is a Thai massage?

Thought to be practiced since 2000 years, Thai massage was formed by individuals who used massage therapy to not only treat diseases but also to maintain good health. A traditional Thai massage is an excellent blend of meditation, yoga stretches, acupressure and reflexology. It generally happens on a big floor mat and clients need to wear loose clothes so that they have no trouble moving around.

When you opt for a Thai massage in Heidelberg, the masseuse will apply mild pressure to different points in the body starting from the feet and eventually going towards the head. The muscles are stretched which eases tension. Apart from the hands, feet and elbows are also used to release stiffness. The masseuse will lead you to do different poses focusing on 10 unique energy lines which are believed to heal different organs of the body. Thai massages normally last for 1-2 hours. Focus on your breathing so that you can do the yoga stretches without any difficulty.

Health Benefits of Thai Massage:

Given below are the various advantages of this massage:

  1. Gentle pressure applied on various energy lines in the body coupled with stretches similar to yoga deeply calms one’s body. This relaxation enhances an individual’s emotional well-being and personal attitude towards life. You sleep well and as it is widely said good sleep allows the body to heal and makes you feel refreshed when you get up in the morning.
  2. Traditional Thai massage largely improves circulation in the body. Increased circulation means more oxygen is supplied to the brain which assists to reduce headache and chronic migraines. It also cuts down chances of blood coagulation in the arteries and thereby protects you from fatal illnesses.
  3. Through an organized sequence of gentle exercise movements, a person’s body slowly loosens up and the stress levels immediately drop. Yoga stretches increase your flexibility and allow higher range of motion thereby lowering muscle stiffness. This in turn strengthens joints, improves posture and moreover, provides immense relief to people suffering from acute joint ailments such as arthritis.
  4. Thai massage therapy produces a significant rise in energy levels. As a result, your productivity increases and you are more active. It helps an individual to maintain a healthy weight and ward off sicknesses such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart attack etc.


Sign up for a Thai massage in Heidelberg today and you’ll be a fan of this therapy for life.