Thai massage

Tips to Become a Good Thai Massage Therapist

Though Thai massages are a recent phenomenon to hit modern spas. However, Thai massage is, in reality, a truly ancient healing modality. Thai massages involve passive stretching and use of gentle pressure all along the energy lines of the body for increasing flexibility, relieving joint and muscle tension and balancing the energy systems of the body. Thai massage is not only energizing it is also, deeply relaxing. Experience the pleasures of a professional and truly rejuvenating Thai massage Bentleigh.

The Thai massage therapist is known to use her entire body including her feet for moving your body in diverse positions during the massage session. Thai massage may seem and feel more intimate as compared to a Swedish massage. However, the Thai massage is rooted in spiritual tradition. It aims at healing a person spiritually, physically and emotionally. But it should never ever be confused in any way with sensual massage. Thai massage is not just a physical experience. The giving and taking of the Thai massage involve a powerful yet subtle interchange of inherent energy between the participant and the masseur.

Effective Tips for Giving Perfect Massage

Breathing Control Is the Key

Your breathing seems to be the vital tool during the Thai massage session. It assists you to completely relax your body. This helps to trigger a flow of energy from you to your client. When you are applying pressure and leaning in, you should remember to breathe out.

Feel Your Client’s Body

This implies that the masseur should be trained enough to understand what is happening with her client’s body. As a masseur, you must know at once how the joints seem to be moving, where exactly the blockages are and how the client is reacting to pressure. Only when your body is totally relaxed, you would be in a better position to feel and sense what is happening with your client’s body.

Treat the Body as a Connected Whole

Seeing the body as a whole is a must for a masseur. Do not treat individual parts as separate. Keep in mind that the different parts are actually connected as a whole. For instance, a lower back issue could be triggered by energy blocks located in the hamstrings.

Massage Right from Your Centre

Massaging right from the centre of the body or Hara helps you to connect much easily to your inner-self.

Give Importance to Individual Needs

A masseur should always keep in mind that individuals are different. Two persons cannot be the same hence; massage should not be same for everyone. You need to customize and adjust your massage according to individual needs. Adjust your pressure according to the unique needs of your client. Massage specifications should vary from person to person.

Communication & Observation is Important

Communication with your client is an integral part of giving a Thai massage. You need to talk to your client before starting the massage session and find out if he or she has any clinical issues, injuries, blood pressure issues etc. Find out if he had experienced massages before. Also, while massaging the client, you must keep asking from time to time if the pressure seems okay, ask your client to inform you if there is any sort of discomfort. You must keep observing the client during the massage session. See his reaction and understand his body language. Once the massage is done, ask your client to come forward with a feedback particularly, if he or she is planning to come again.

Develop Intuition

Develop your intuition so that you would be understanding intuitively exactly which areas need to be worked on and the amount of pressure to be applied and for approximately how long.

Keeping a Continuous Flow

Maintain continuous body contact with your client. In Thai massage, you are supposed to start massaging from feet upwards towards the upper body. It is a wonderful sequence for relaxing the lower back and opening the hips. It is not meant to be beneficial exclusively for people with lower back sensitivity. Everyone would be feeling deeply relaxed, soothed and therefore, would surrender.