Thai massage

Things To Keep in Mind Before Going for a Thai Massage

These days many people are inclined towards spa therapies and massages. Though body spa treatments have gained huge popularity, Thai massages have also become a part of the spa culture. Thai massage is very different from a usual body spa. Thai massage is a healing technique which targets the body’s muscles and joints. With the help of Thai massage, the body experiences a sense of relaxation and an increased level of flexibility. Unlike body spa, Thai massage involves a set of passive stretching techniques. Before going for a Thai massage, one needs to keep the following things in mind-

  • See what you eat

Just before your Thai massage appointment don’t consume a large meal. Thai massage involves lots of stretching and a full stomach may hinder the process. Consuming a large meal before the massage will also the hamper digestion process. Additionally, some massage techniques also involve pressure on the stomach and back. It is best to eat a light meal before going for a Thai massage.

  • Application of body oils

Do not apply any moisturizer or body oil before going for a Thai massage. It is necessary to take a shower before starting the massage session. The reason behind not applying any body oil or moisturizer is that during Thai massage your body will be covered with essential oils and these oils might sometimes react with the already applied lotions. It is best to keep the skin away from any products when going for a Thai massage.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Before starting with the massage session keep yourself hydrated. Avoid consuming aerated drinks and alcohol before a Thai massage schedule. It is best to avoid these stated drinks because they might interrupt the body’s functioning while the massage is on-going. Moreover, Thai massage increases the circulation of the liquids in the body and thus alcohol or any other drink will also enter the bloodstream more quickly. It is advisable to drink lots of water before the massage.

Go for a Thai massage in Reservoir and rejuvenate your body!