Thai Massage Manipulations for Ultimate Relaxation

Thai massage is actually a system of massage, as well as, assisted stretching. Thai massage obviously originated in Thailand but was very much influenced by the conventional medicine systems of China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Manipulation Techniques

Manipulations are nothing but the controlled movements of one or maybe more body parts relative to the other parts for achieving specific effects like twisting and stretching. Thai massage is always about leverage. The therapist must possess a very high sensitivity to its efficacy that could lead to extremely robust twists and stretches with very less effort in comparison to others. If a masseur lacks this sensitivity, it could end up with injuries. In order to stay away from any sort of serious back strain that could be caused by moving or lifting in the wrong manner, the masseur or the giver must be constantly aware of her posture in relation to the receiver. You can experience ultimate relaxation by availing Thai massage Brunswick.


The vertical leg stretch involves powerful leverage. An inexperienced and careless masseur could be the cause of injury by overstretching the hamstring, the lower back muscles and even the gluteal. Always keep track of your partner’s expression that would be reacting at once to even the slightest hint of overstretching.


Most manipulations would be involving some lifting that implies pulling against the massage receiver’s weight. A lift is supposed to be pretty simple manipulation involving the raising of a body part against the gravitational force. No pushing is actually used.


Shaking always takes place on the limbs. Shaking is always supposed to be involving an up and down motion. A slight pull would be creating a certain degree of traction which would make the shaking much more efficient and effective.


This is supposed to be a 360-degree movement of joints like the ankles, wrists, shoulders, neck, and hips. It is the outcome of pulling and pushing techniques alternating. It is to be noted that even joints that are affected by osteoarthritis could restore normal mobility thanks to regular rotation.

Pulling and Pushing

It is to be kept in mind that you could pull a body part provided the other end is well-anchored. Sometimes, this could be achieved by the subject’s actual body weight. However, the strongest kind of pulling would be necessitating an opposing push. Thai masseurs often use their feet to achieve this. The most robust sustained pulls would be attained once the body weight of the masseur is exploited to produce the effort. When you lean away from your subject this effect could be generated.

Advantages of Manipulations

Thai manipulations usually function on the principle that in order to be fully effective, it is essential for the manipulation at all times, to take the movement a little bit further than what the recipient could be doing unaided. An experienced and competent therapist would know how far this could be taken without really causing injury or maybe pain. Thai bodywork, when done consistently, could do wonders for mobility and flexibility. The enhanced mobility and flexibility is regarded by many recipients as magical and simply astounding.