Thai massage

Thai Massage: A Truly Fulfilling Experience for Your Mind & Body

Thai massage is not really a passive massage. Your therapist would be stretching your body and bring it into an amazing variety of positions which resemble yoga positions mostly. The stretching involved in a Thai massage could be effective in relieving muscle tension, boosting muscle flexibility, toning your muscle and assisting in joint mobility. Thai massage is a great way of reducing and managing stress. Thai massage proves to be quite effective in alleviating a number of clinical conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain, heel pain, knee pain, joint stiffness, poor posture, carpet tunnel syndrome and even headaches. Try out a truly relaxing Thai massage Brighton for complete rejuvenation.

Thai massage is supposed to be a full-body experience. Thai massage concentrates on the body’s main energy lines referred to as ‘Sen’. Thai massage is just right for loosening blockages and harmonizing body functions. Thai massage could be hugely beneficial to your mind and body. Here are some of the benefits associated with a traditional Thai massage.

Increase in Stretching and Boost in Flexibility

Thai massage helps to free up all your limbs and this leads to enhanced flexibility and toned limbs that are able to perform athletic activities and workouts easily. Thai massage leads to the release of muscle tension which in turn is responsible for preparing the body to perform martial arts. Thai massage is a great stress-buster as well.

Positive Impact on Your Mental Health

Thai massage is truly a physically relaxing procedure but it has a positive impact on your mind. It helps to boost your mental health because it eliminates or reduces stress, depression and helps you to stay healthy from both mind and body perspectives. Thai massage generates serotonin that boosts happiness. Thai massage is great for your overall well-being. People would experience a definite drop in cortisol levels and increase in serotonin, the happy hormone. Cortisol happens to be the stress hormone and serotonin is actually the happy hormone. So, Thai massage leads to a positive result.

Enhanced Circulation

Thai massage channels all the invisible energy lines via the use of effective and specialized acupressure techniques and this is responsible for immensely enhancing blood circulation. Though this fact is not really supported by any concrete research evidence, it has long been regarded that Thai massages are great for boosting blood circulation. Thai massages are also pretty effective in reducing migraines via effective acupuncture techniques.

Effective Behavioural Treatment Just Right for Autistic Children

Autistic children experience unbelievable anxiety and stress. A Thai massage session from an expert therapist could be immensely helpful in relieving them of the stress and anxiety and making them feel relaxed and happy.

Reduced Pain

Thai massage has been proved to be pretty effective in reducing pains and alleviating clinical conditions associated with chronic and acute pain. Patients suffering from scapula costal syndrome (SCS) experienced a drastic reduction in pain post a session of professional Thai massage therapy. Thai massage is great for all kinds of pain including joint and muscle pain.

A Thai massage Brighton is the best way of eliminating tension and stress. It boosts delta wave frequency greatly, in human brains. Delta wave is associated with sleep and rest. Thai massage is known for the ultimate relaxation from human touch. Thai massage promotes inner peace & triggers enlightenment.