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Some Questions That You Could Ask Your Thai Massage Therapist

When you schedule an appointment at a salon or a spa, you would not know the level of efficiency of your massage therapist. Often when you opt for a Thai massage session at a destination spa or a resort spa, it is mostly supposed to be a one-time affair. However, the best thing about premium grade resort spa is that they would always be hiring the best therapists in the industry today and rest assured to receive highest levels of services and excellent treatment. You could schedule an appointment for an effective Thai massage therapy in Cheltenham.

It is always a good idea to consult with close friends and family and request recommendations. Recommended therapists are bound to be reliable and competent in their services. However, massage therapists may differ greatly from one another in terms of competence, skill, education, training, and philosophy. Examine if you have chosen the right Thai massage therapist by asking her several relevant questions. Here are some of the most important questions to ask your Thai massage therapist in Cheltenham.

How many years’ exposure and experience do you have?

A therapist must have a minimum of five years’ experience for laying a good foundation. She should possess a wealth of experience and must have adequate knowledge and competency.

Which Institute did you attend?

You must understand that different massage training schools adopt different approaches such as practical experience versus book learning, or conventional versus the alternative. Community colleges are supposed to be good.  Massage therapists generally require 500 to about 600 hours of training. You would be able to judge the quality and efficiency level of a massage therapist by knowing the massage school she has been attending.

What massage style you would prefer doing?

Most massage therapists specialise in one or two modalities. So if you are looking for a relaxing and fulfilling Thai massage treatment in any salon or spa, you must make sure that your therapist has a solid knowledge and understanding about Thai massage and is well-qualified and experienced enough to deliver superlative services. You may try a rejuvenating Thai massage treatment at a reputed salon in Cheltenham for top quality services at affordable rates.

What other massage therapies are you certified in?

It is quite common for massage therapists to opt for additional certification in aromatherapy, reflexology, Shiatsu and other such modalities. Ask about her specialization and interests. Find out if it was a full-fledged six-month course or was it just a weekend class.

Find out about her job history?

You would be able to evaluate the quality and capability of a massage therapist by the places she has been working for, during her career span. A brief job history should help you get an idea about her exposure and experience and of course, her competency levels.

Things to Watch Out For

A headache after a massage session, is it normal?

Though this is not very common, sometimes, massage could be impacting vascular circulation resulting in a headache. Moreover, too much pressure exerted on your sinus cavity by lying with a face down position could trigger a headache. If you are feeling breathless in your position, you must inform your massage therapist. You must openly communicate with her and let her know about your discomfort.

Is bruising after a session okay?

It is not normal to bruise after a massage session but sometimes it could happen because of the intense nature of the massage therapy.

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