Some Interesting Facts about Thai Massage

Thai massage is becoming increasingly popular. It could be a truly healing and fulfilling experience. It is great for your health, fitness, and longevity. It is a good way of relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience in a blissful environment. In this digital era, everyone is busy following hectic schedules and nobody has any time to call it his own. You are constantly chasing your dreams and have forgotten to dedicate a little quality time to yourself. Going for a super-relaxing Thai massage at a Spa in Cheltenham is the best way of dedicating some time to yourself for promoting your own physical and mental well-being.

Thai Massage Has Two Variations

The Thai massage has two versions. One is the traditional Thai massage that has its origination in Thailand whereas; an ancient Thai massage is another variation of the traditional Thai massage. An ancient Thai massage is found in Northern India and Nepal. It starts with mandatory mantra and the meditation by the masseur. In the traditional Thai Massage, there is no mantra or meditation.

Thai Massage is Also Referred to as the Thai Yoga Massage

The classical Thai massage is also called the Thai yoga massage and it is a magical mix of some basic principles of India’s Ayurveda, assisted yoga postures, and of course, acupressure. Thai massage is regarded as an art and is essentially performed solely by the massage therapist while the receiver is supposed to be completely passive all through the massage therapy.

You Remain Fully-Dressed During the Massage Session

There is no need to take off your clothes for this sort of massage therapy. This is just right for shy or conservative clients who typically would have hesitated to take off their clothes. Thai massage does not involve using any oils or any other kinds of creams or lotions. The client is fully dressed during the relaxing session of massage. Only you need to wear loose fitting, soft cotton clothes for free and easy movement during the massage session. Try a Thai massage at your nearest spa in Cheltenham for a truly stimulating experience.

Different Kind of Body Contact Is Made

There would be a continuous body contact between the receiver and the massage therapist but it is not the usual massage rubbing on muscles. Instead, the body is stretched, compressed, pulled and literally rocked.

Best on the Floor

A typical Thai massage would be performed by a highly skilled massage therapist while the client is made to lie down on a firm mattress or preferably a mat on the floor. However, in Australia, Thai massage therapy is often delivered at the usual massage table associated with other forms of massage.

The Thai Massage Would be Following 72,000 Body Lines

Thai massage is supposed to be a truly robust, active, energetic and dynamic one which is based on the belief that your body is actually permeated with air that is being inhaled via the lungs and transported along 72,000 pathways all along the body. The air is referred to as the lom and the pathways as the sen. The therapist has been trained to go on manipulating the 72,000 sen or pathways using a wide variety of yoga poses along with rhythmic and deep static pressures. Thai massage facilitates the passage of lom through the pathways or the sen.

The Thai Massage Is Truly Beneficial

It is quite effective in fortifying the joints and treating chronic joint problems such as back pain, arthritis etc. It boosts mobility and enhances the flexibility of muscles in your body. It corrects body postures and alignment. It helps in detoxification so that your body’s immune system could be working flawlessly. It is often used for boosting blood circulation and keeping blood pressure under strict control. It effectively resolves breathing or respiratory issues. An invigorating Thai massage is the best way of boosting your energy levels and reducing stress levels. Go to a spa or a clinic for a professional Thai massage if you are based in Cheltenham.