Thai massage

Role of Massage Therapy in Mental Wellness

You must be aware that massage therapy is of immense benefit to muscle soreness and sports injuries. Did you know that massage is an effective way of improving your mental health as well? Benefits of a massage therapy are far more than merely physical. It is also a great way of alleviating anxiety and depression and improving the quality of sleep. Though you cannot rule out stress and tension of modern day existence, you can counter insomnia and negative feelings with the positive effects of a massage therapy. If you are in Brighton do not miss the opportunity of enjoying a truly relaxing Thai massage therapy.

Massage Boosts Mental Wellness

According to the experts, massage therapy is one of the most effective tools for treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety; because it promotes complete relaxation which in turn would be helping you to de-stress and get completely rejuvenated. Experts further explain that massage therapy is really effective in the treatment of all these mental disorders simply because it results in a state of calm which offers a better opportunity to the patients for using coping skills which have been achieved in other therapies like counselling.

Definite Reduction in Stress Levels

Unresolved issues would be causing a lot of stress. When stress is encountered and is not treated then it may culminate in some sort of mental issues. Several factors could cause stress including health issues, anger, relationship issues, life changes etc. It is quite possible to keep your stress under control. You must try out an effective and therapeutic Thai massage therapy at any reputed salon in Brighton. Do not allow stress and tension to rule your life.

Best Way of Tackling Depression

Several studies later, experts have come to the conclusion that 16% of women and 11% of men would be experiencing depression during their lifetime. Studies, however, reveal that massage therapy could surely be an efficient tool in tackling depression effectively. As per the reports of a study, breast cancer patients experienced a remarkable reduction in depression when they received 30-minute massage session twice every week for five consecutive weeks. Many more studies have established the fact that massage therapy surely helps to cut down the depression levels drastically.

Checks Anxiety

Anxiety issues are one of the most common mental disorders. Most people suffer from anxiety in one form or the other. However, anxiety could be effectively reduced by the positive and therapeutic effects of massage.

Helps to Get Rid of Insomnia

Insomnia is a pretty common problem in today’s fast-paced world. Fortunately, massage therapy has proved that it could enhance the quality of sleep and get rid of the sleep disorders. Researchers have come up with a report showing the positive effects of a therapeutic massage on the sleep quality of some breast cancer patients. Participants reported far better sleep quality after a relaxing massage therapy session. Moreover, the massage therapy resulted in reducing the side effects caused by chemotherapy and drastically curbed anxiety levels. Massage helped to enhance the overall quality of life.

Now you could easily release your emotional and physical stress through Thai massage therapy in Brighton.