Massage Modalities

Our different styles of massage are uniquely crafted to let you have the therapeutic experience you need and also to give you the chance to overcome all the hassles and unease of your daily life.

The moment you step into “Cheva Montra Thai Massage”, you will be experiencing a whole new world of serenity and bliss.

Body Massage

Your body is should be your prime concern. Many people just choose to ignore the fact that body needs pampering too. But at Cheva Montra Thai Massage we provide you the most blissful and relaxing body massage. That all your tensions and agitation ends. The chaos of daily hustle bustle takes a toll on your health. The massage offered by our masseurs and therapist can take out all the strain of your body and muscles. Your body is like a machine and that machine needs some care to. You should provide your body the most required massage treatment. Massage therapies can detoxify you blood and at the same time improve your blood circulation. Many ailments can be cured by our therapeutic body massage. The experienced and trained therapists make sure that you can have the relaxation and can unwind yourself. The aura and the therapy create an enchanting aura and that aura itself is quite therapeutic.

Addressing your health and well-being

Our full body massage modalities ensure whole of body wellness. The attention to the problem areas of your aches and pains. Plus our therapies provide you the natural health and relaxation you need. You will be feeling rejuvenated and restored. We all have different physical and emotional challenges. Our trained staff are more than competent enough to provide the relevant therapy suiting your particular ailments and challenges. There are diverse health and wellness problems you face at the same time and sometimes there are clients with different body types and discomforts. Our well trained staff of qualified and professional masseuse’s will cure all those problems with the appropriate massage modalities.

Attention to Detail

Every now and then you find yourself in pain or discomfort without sometimes even knowing why. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort or just feel like you need more energy then why not take action today. Our premium massage therapies will allow you to get rid of all your pain and stress related problems. Sore back, sciatica, musculature pain, sore neck, tired legs and limbs etc. These are some of the problems you may be facing right now but neglecting them is not a solution. Our massage therapists at “Cheva Montra Thai Massage” are here get to the root of the problems and provide you the permanent solution to your holistic wellness and well-being challenges.

Other Wellness Treatments

Besides the many massage modalities that, “Cheva Montra Thai Massage” provides ,you will fin other wellness treatments that will detoxify your body and provide you wellness on a whole including the application of certain oils and medicinal pain remedies. This will also include stretching if required and additional exercises you can carry out on your own.


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