Important Thai Massage Facts You Must Know

Thai massage is extremely popular thanks to the amazing benefits associated with it. Thai massage has a unique style; however, executions could be varying from practitioner to practitioner. Come experience the pleasures of authentic Thai massage at reputed clinics that are based in Brunswick for ultimate relaxation and complete rejuvenation. Thai massage is great for both body and soul.

Some Wonderful Benefits

  • Thai massage boosts muscle mobility and improves flexibility
  • It is great for fortifying joints and includes chronic joint issues such as back pain and arthritis.
  • It enhances body alignment assisting in achieving better balance and posture.
  • It helps in detoxifying the body, hence, great for boosting your immune system for combating disease and illness.
  • It boosts blood circulation leading to better management of high blood pressure issues.
  • It improves breathing issues and respiration in general.
  • It helps to calm your senses, reduce anxiety and stress but increases clarity, focus, and concentration.
  • It is great for boosting your energy levels as circulation is immensely improved.

The Facts

Thai massage is actually an ancient massage form that is being passed down over generations through the centuries. It is an ancient yoga-type massage art. You could enjoy a super-relaxing Thai massage at a good clinic if you are based in Brunswick.

Thai massage is often referred to as the Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is known as Thai yoga massage simply because it is a magical mix of acupressure with assisted yoga postures and Indian Ayurvedic principles. Thai massage is actually a kind of yoga that is performed by the massage therapist while the receiver is supposed to remain totally passive all through the massage session.

Brainchild of Buddha’s doctor

Thai massage could be tracked back to Chivaka Komarapats, a doctor of medicine who was renowned as Buddha’s private doctor. He possesses exceptional medical skills and stood out from the rest of the physicians who practiced during his days. He was supposed to be an herbal medicine specialist and treated the VIPs including the Buddha.

Fully-clothed affair

This massage is just right for people who would like to keep wearing their clothes while the massage is being done. Traditional Thai massage requires no oils or any other products to be applied to the receiver’s bare body. So, the receiver could actually stay fully-clothed while the massage is on. Clients are recommended to wear comfortable loose-fitting cotton clothes for free and easy movement.

Body contact seems to be different

Though Thai massage involves constant contact between the receiver and the giver, the body is actually pulled, stretched, compressed and rocked, instead of muscles being rubbed.

All action seems to be on the floor

In the conventional Thai Massage, it is necessary for the recipient to lie down on a firm mattress or a mat on the floor. However, in Australia, Thai massage is often performed on the standard massage table.

The Thai massage follows as many as 72, 000 body lines

Thai massage is essentially an energetic and dynamic massage which actually works on a basic hypothesis that human body is permeated with air or lom that is supposed to be breathed into your lungs. This air travels through your body along as many as 72,000 pathways known as sen. The massage therapist is supposed to manipulate these pathways along with a host of yoga-like postures and positions, combined with rhythmic and deep static pressures. Come explore the pleasures of a Thai massage if you are based in Brunswick.